Plenty of Purses in the Sea

There’s often two ways we become aware of our next must-have handbag – seeing it while browsing, or (more likely the case) seeing it with someone else. When you see someone rocking a stunning piece, it is only human nature for us to want one (or maybe three) too. Although as most of us will come to realize, what works for their life may not work for everyone.

Have you ever regretted spending hundreds or thousands on a handbag that didn’t quite give you that ‘je ne sais quoi’, and now its too late to return it? Perhaps it was heavier than expected, or the leather didn’t soften up as much as you wanted, or maybe you just entered motherhood and need something bigger.

If you’re still experiencing buyer’s remorse, don’t fret. Most designer handbags have market value. When your handbag doesn’t suit your lifestyle, it’s time to find someone to breathe new life into it. In essence, you know your needs best. If your hard earned dollars are sitting at home in the closet then it’s definitely time to spark a new love interest.

That’s where the fabulousness of consignment comes in! Your bag gets a loving home, and your closet gets space for something that feels just right. Interested in learning more about our process?

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