New Year Style Resolutions

new year style resolutions

canadian consignmentHey trendsetter, tired of the same old new year’s resolutions? We like gym memberships and juice cleanses as much as the next person, but we believe a truly amazing year starts with a proper closet makeover.

When you picture your best, most fabulous self, how are you dressed?

Here are Bag Religion’s top 3 New Year Style Resolutions for a stylish 2018.

New Year Style Resolution 1: Declutter

Chances are, you had a designer bag or two on your holiday wish list. If you were lucky enough to find a brand new Chanel, Louis Vuitton, or Hermes bag under your tree, maybe it’s time to make room for it in your closet.


You probably have a couple designer pieces that just haven’t been worn as often as you expected.

canadian consignmentHow many of us have purchased eye catching pieces only to realize they don’t feel right with the rest of our wardrobe? We’re all guilty of holding onto impulse purchases, convinced that someday we will find a place to wear them.

We all tend to think that more is better, but you’d be amazed at how relaxing a streamlined closet can be.

Here’s a hot tip: think of 3 words that describe how you’d like to look on a daily basis. Perhaps you’re preppy and classic with a hint of rock star. Which items best represent this vision?


New Year Style Resolutions 2: Re Evaluate

Let’s think long term when it comes to your wardrobe.

The old adage is true: You get what you pay for. We suggest collecting quality items from reputable designers that are made to last- and resisting pieces that won’t stand the test of time.

canadian consignment Even within the designer world, there are differences when it comes to quality and resale value, so do some research before spending your hard earned dollars!

For example: buying a Chanel bag is an investment- when lovingly cared for, luxury designer bags hold their resale price and can even become more valuable over time. This is unique to high end designers. Other handbags lose most of their value the moment they leave the store.

You can rest easy with a big purchase knowing that if you decide to switch it up one day, it will fetch a good price.

Others choose to hold on to valuable pieces and pass them to a next generation fashionista in the family. That’s part of what makes classic, well made styles such a fabulous concept.

New Year Style Resolutions 3: Think before you shop

It’s funny how often we shop without considering the whole picture.

canadian consignmentGet a good idea of your needs when picking out your next purchase. It can be helpful to make a list of what you have, and how you’d like to complement your current pieces.

Something may grab your attention because its a cute new shape or a punchy colour. But what if that adorable bag won’t accommodate your phone, or maybe your closet is in need of more neutral tones?

Maybe your closet is all work and no play. If you already have the essentials and basics, have fun and indulge in a statement piece!

The Next Step

So you’ve streamlined your collection, but some items are barely used. It’s normal to become emotionally attached to beautiful things. Selling a designer bag on consignment, to someone who is excited to have it, will cheer you up!


canadian consignment

The bonus with luxury consignment is you receive cash for your fashion, so clearing that closet clutter will contribute to your financial goals as well.

Say you own a few Louis Vuitton styles but have your eye on a Chanel Boy or even a Birkin, you can downsize your collection while saving for your ultimate dream bag.


Streamlined, de-cluttered, and ready to shop? Check out our virtual shelves for a variety of high end options, from work bags to date night looks.

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