Designer Fashion: How Young is too young?

If buying designer handbags has taught us anything, it would invest now and keep it forever! We love shopping timeless designs from quality fashion houses, knowing that our pieces will last a lifetime.

That being said, should we also be investing in handbags for our little ones? With countless luxury handbags now coming in adorable minis, it shouldn’t be shocking to see a toddler sporting Louis Vuitton.

How many of us purse-devotees will applaud this young fashionista and their parents for choosing this sweet accessory?

Of course, investing in your child is ideal, and we do want the very best for them. For many children, they experience what is known as ‘mirroring’, which means they learn by imitation.

If you and your mini-me are able to create wonderful memories through designer handbags and learn quality over quantity for future spending choices; then we say go for it you adorable duo!

Learning to care for personal belongings and understand their value is something that will follow your child for a lifetime.

Why not share your knowledge and expertise with one of your most precious people?

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