How Charming- Bag Accessories

We aren’t all blessed with a bag for every outfit, but the right accessory can give your faithful purse a brand new look! We love wandering the streets of Toronto and seeing pom poms, funny characters, and beautiful fringe swaying from each fashionista’s bag.

Looking to embrace bag accessories, but not sure where to start? Here’s what we’ve been loving lately.


As any fashion expert will tell you, Hermes is in a class of it’s own when it comes to their silk wear. Scarves don’t necessarily suit everyone’s aesthetic, and that’s where the twilly comes in. Wrap this cutie around your wrist, add a little romance to your ponytail, or tie it as a headband for some old Hollywood glamour.

If you’ve got a petite collection of designer bags, these are a beautiful way to add versatility to your collection. Wrap the twilly around your handles, or tie them in a stylish bow. There are a number of creative blogger types doing all kinds of fun things with twillies. Colour us inspired!


There’s little more timeless than a tassel in the world of accessories. Originally, they were used as a way of securing the knot on heavy fabric designs, but it didn’t take long for people to go “hey, that looks kind of cute!”

Hundreds of years ago, they started popping up on military garb, and Egyptian Pharaohs sported the dangly charms as a way of warding off evil spirits.

In 16th century France, becoming trained in the art of “passementerie” (fancy looking tassels and trimmings) took 7 years!

It’s no wonder the tassel has made it’s way into luxury fashion and accessories, it’s in your blood to feel pretty darn special when wearing one.

Furry Friends

Fendi has earned itself quite the polarizing reputation for its love of all things fluffy. Their famous double F logo stands for “fun fur,” and their designers certainly live by that mantra! Many of Fendi’s designs incorporate intricately woven fur for dazzling results.

Perhaps the most notorious bag charm on the market, the Fendi Monster has endeared itself to even the most cynical of fashionistas.

If you’re looking for a charming little creature to hang out with, but aren’t into real fur, there are some options out there for you on the less luxurious end of the designer spectrum. Kylie and Kendall have embraced the trend, along with Kate Spade.

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