What are Chanel date codes?

Chanel is synonymous with elegance and timeless fashion. It’s no surprise that there are those who seek to emulate and even outright copy that classic look.

When shopping designer, authenticity is mandatory. We’ve done the research, and know the unfortunate truth about counterfeit designs.

Though the Chanel brand has been around since 1910, date codes weren’t introduced ‘til 1985. Some may refer to them as authenticity or serial codes.

These codes will appear both on an authenticity card and sticker. When shopping consignment, you may end up purchasing a bag without an authenticity card, but you should be able to locate a small sticker somewhere discreet within your bag. Even if the sticker is slightly worn, you can play detective.

Date codes are one of the many things we look at when authenticating the items on our roster. Copycat manufacturers have begun to duplicate date codes, making some fakes on the market truly convincing. How can you be sure your pre-loved item would be approved by Coco herself?

Start at the very beginning.

You may hear someone say their bag is in the 14 series, or the 20 series. They’re referring to the first 2 digits on their date code, which tells you when a bag was made.

It all began with a zero. Now let’s take a deep breath, because here’s how much Chanel has grown since then.

Chanel date codes started at 0 from 1985-88

From 89-91 they start with 1

91-94 starts with 2

94-96 starts with 3

96-97 starts with 4

97-99 starts with 5

2000-2002 starts with 6

02-03 starts with 7

03-04 starts with 8

04-05 starts with 9

05-06 starts with 10

06-08 starts with 11

08-09 starts with 12

09-10 starts with 13

10-11 starts with 14

11 starts with 15

12 starts with 16

12-13 starts with 17

13-14 starts with 18

14 starts with 19

14-15 starts with 20

15-16 starts with 21

16 starts with 22

17 onward starts with 23

How many numbers?

From 1984-86, the date code would have been 7 digits long before jumping to 8 digits in 2005. Some very early bags will have 6 digit serial codes beginning with a 1 or 2.

Looks count for something:


Date code stickers vary, but they tend to have a similar look. From the year 2000 and onward, the sticker should feature two double c logos above the numbers. There will be two diagonal lines through the stickers forming an X. This makes the sticker harder to remove or tamper with.

It’s all in the details:

From 1997 onward, stickers got a little fancy with gold flecks throughout. Before that, the stickers were covered in an opaque film.

Stickers in the 0 and 1 series are a little plain jane, with just a white sticker featuring a darker coloured area for the numbers.

The original tags featured zeros without strikethroughs, but from 57 onward Chanel decided to jazz up those zeros with a little strikethrough.


A lot to think about? No worries. With Bag Religion by your side, you can rest easy and flaunt your authentic Chanel with pride.


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