There are so many choices in handbags, how could we possibly decide? A common issue many of us face when purchasing Chanel is choosing caviar or lambskin leather. Who’s the better partner in crime?

Chanel’s caviar leather is calfskin leather that has been permanently stamped to give it a pebbled effect. This grainy texture is stiffer than lambskin, making it perfect for those looking to use their Chanel for everyday purposes. Scratches won’t show up as quickly or easily on this textured surface.

On the other end of the spectrum is Chanel’s lambskin leather. Much softer and luxurious feeling when compared to caviar leather, lambskin is great for those candlelight dinners or cocktail parties. Because of its buttery soft finish, the leather is much more fragile. Regardless, it’s hard to resist wrapping your arms around something so plush!

There are those who swear by lambskin, saying that with proper care they’ve had items for years without so much as a single scratch.

So it comes down to what kind of partner you need in your life. Do you need a rugged, handsome Caviar Chanel? Or would you prefer a Prince Charming lambskin piece?

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